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Mike FosterName: Mike Foster [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact teacozie.]
Country: Australia
Intro: In August 2004 I left my home in Sydney, Australia to begin a trip throughout Asia that was to last 8 months.

After completing my tour which spanned many new and exciting experiences I landed at Heathrow in London only to wonder why everyone was walking so fast!

My English experience lasted for 2 years, where I returned to reality and got a job, saved and traveled some more.

By the start of this year I had had enough of grey skies and decided it was time for something new.

So in March this year I returned home for a 3 month working holiday to reconnect with friends and family and now I find myself studying French in Bordeaux and living with my lovely girlfriend who I met in Morocco last year.

It's been a good journey with many things learnt and to learn.


In a land far far away my angel couldn't tell me what was right or what was wrong. She couldn't explain why I was hurting or why I was down. She couldn't answer this melancholy baby why we could not dance to the music.
She said all we need to do is know ourselves.
We all need to shine our light upon the valleys of nutty delights, to savour and not devour things that makes us rattle and hum. She was sad as the world has all gone numb to the bone and no one cares about love any more.
Live and learn about me, myself and the B.F.G. with one only hoping the Spanish don't play with flies in their eyes. If the Spanish do play with flies in their eyes we open ourselves to a catch-22 where our minds are the planes and our thoughts are the bombs.
My angel told me I was once a soldier that fell on foreign sands for her. That I strapped on my boots and walked through snow and ice to do something for god and show myself all I needed to do was to stop, revive and survive the glory points of my toes.
A novelty should never vex, a thought or a notion never realised.
A full scale investigation mounted to the soundtrack of the often silly but very funny motion movie 'The Life of Brian' should prove useful and hopefully provide a few answers to the meaning of life.
Then the director told me Life is how you choose to act it.
Take a breathe, open your eyes and jump a really big mountain.

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