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Jose PiresName: Jose Pires [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact stego.]
Country: Portugal
Intro: 22-Oct-2009:
I haven't been active since mid July, I felt like taking a break and see how was life without TE. Well, it's not that bad, but I miss the time spent here. I have plans to participate less often, 2 or 3 times a week sounds good, but it seems that, like other addictions it's easier to take long breaks with no activity at all than feeling compelled to spend hours everyday seeing the photos and commenting about them. Let's see what happens... Anyway, please forgive if sometimes I don't retribute all your critiques.

• Travelogues (not real travelogues, just groups of photos shot in a particular trip): •Nepal 1994, •Turkey 2004, •Tunisia 2005, •Morocco 2006, •Dominican Republic 2007, •Spain 2008, •Greece 2009, •Turkey 2010.

• Personal themes: •Top rated, •Your favorites, •Panoramas, •Norte Alentejano, •Megalithic monuments, •My film scans. I have also other themes that I use to group some posts that I find more interesting, but I must say that I update them a bit randomly.

I understand quite well Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Italian is a bit harder, but I can manage it. But please forgive if too often I am lazy to write in any other language other than English, Spanish or Portuguese.

[Profile photo by Emile]

The rest of the text was written the day I joined this site. Some of it doesn't make much sense to me any more, but somehow I don't want to change it.

I like photography since childhood. My late father taught me some basics when I was 9 or 10 years old and my first photos were shot with his old Agfa C120 box, measuring the light by looking around, without any photometer.

I never did any formal studies in photography (the closest to it was devouring Michael Langford's "bibles", the first of which was given to me by my father when I was a young teenager), but when I was in college I practiced a lot, mainly B&W completely developed by myself, from rolling the films from 30 meter cans until the paper. My photo activity almost stalled in recent years, except for some holiday and family snapshots, but I have been regaining the habit of photographing in a more dedicated manner lately, and buying a DSLR two years ago and then becoming addicted to TE has a lot of do with it.

I like to think that participating in TE can bring me back the joy of showing around my pictures and perceiving what effect they have on people. And, of course, and not less important, evolving with the critiques and by appreciating the work of others.


They are much welcome, as frequently they are more useful to our evolution than the positive ones. And I feel that it's also easier to criticize what is wrong than what is right. That's why frequently my critiques on photos that I like a lot have just one or two adjectives like "nice", "beautiful", etc.

email: jose-dot-mario-dot-pires-at-gmail-dot-com (replace the -dot- by . and -at- by @; substitua -dot- por . e -at- por @).
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