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Name: Boris Jakesevic [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact risblis.]
Country: Croatia
Intro: I am photo amateur with passion to travel and explore new areas of this wonderful green ball we call the earth. I'm happy to have chance to share some of the captured moments that made me feel alive and greateful with you.
Member Since: 2011-04-27
Camera: Canon 350D Digital Rebel XT, Canon 7D
Note: Silver Note Writer Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 29] (353)
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Title: Porpis contemplationCanon 350D Digital Rebel XT
Porpis contemplation
risblis Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 29] (353)
Title: getting coldCanon 350D Digital Rebel XT
getting cold (6)
risblis Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 29] (353)
United Kingdom
Title: landmarks
landmarks (2)
risblis Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 29] (353)
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