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Neyvan PecanhukName: Neyvan Pecanhuk [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact npecanhuk.]
Country: Brazil
Intro: I'm NEYVAN PEÇANHUK, or just NEY, BRAZILIAN, 50 y.o. and I've been living in the city of CAMPINAS since 1986 (for more than 29 - twenty nine - years already), in the State of SÃO PAULO/SP, in the Southeastern Region of BRAZIL (SOUTH AMERICA), to where I moved to study at UNICAMP (University of CAMPINAS). I was born in SALTO GRANDE/SP, I'm a food engineer, but I've been working for the brazilian government for more than 19 (nineteen) years now (in a department that deals with labor laws).

I love traveling and taking pictures since I was a child (I used my father's old camera until he gave me a KODAK INSTAMATIC, moving later on to a PENTAX, a trademark I was faithful to even when I lived in the USA back in the years of 1982/83 - Colorado Springs - Colorado - as an AFS - AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE - exchange student)! A couple of years ago, I used to think I'd never buy a digital camera, but I bought my first one in 2004 (a SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-P92 - I'll post some old shots in here). WELL, NOW I CAN SAY I ENTERED THE DIGITAL PHOTO WORLD MORE THAN 10 YEARS AGO! From then on, I slowly left aside my old analogical one (the last model: a NIKON N50) and in 2007 I bought my NIKON D80, here in BRAZIL, a real start line for future improvements! Unfortunately, it was stolen while I returned my rented car (Dollar Rent a Car) in Miami International Airport (MIA), on January 1st 2012, at the end of my trip to Florida/USA, having lost some of the pictures taken there! Fortunately, I was able to buy a NIKON D7000, again, here in Brazil, which I've been using since January, 2012!

When I found out this site I thought it'd be perfect to share those two passions of mine with PEOPLE from all over the WORLD and, you bet, I was totally right! Although sometimes I think I'm sort of addicted to it and I've faced some problems with it, I really LIKE all the INTERACTION that's possible in here and, for this reason, I've been around for more than 08 (EIGHT) years already (since AUGUST 1ST 2007)!

I call myself a real "PHOTOMANIAC", but, please, I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL in this field!

My pictures will be mostly related to TRAVELING: CITYSCAPES - I love architecture photographs - and LANDSCAPES - I love nature images! They will all try to present the place where I was traveling or where I live at their best, AS WELL AS MY PHOTO TALENT GOES, regarding colors, sharpness, exposure, chosen pov, dof, composition, pp, contrasts, format, all of them trying to enhance their inherent beauty and to show them to the world as thoroughly as possible, because that's how I understand this site: A VIRTUAL PLACE WHERE PEOPLE VISIT OTHER PLACES AROUND THE GLOBE THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE'S TRAVELING AND PICTURES, through other people's EYES and EMOTIONS, that means, LEARNING ABOUT THE WORLD THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY! I also try to stick to the "happy side" of traveling and photography, that means, I do it to get relaxed and to feel good, so I try to avoid the bad parts of life!

My galleries are:

1) AERIAL Views!
2) ARGENTINA - South America - IGUAZU FALLS - In the town of PUERTO IGUAZU - Province of MISIONES (March 2008)!
3) ARGENTINA - South America - The city of USHUAIA and surroundings - Province of TIERRA DEL FUEGO (July 2008)! A second gallery HERE!
4) ARGENTINA - South America - BUENOS AIRES - Argentina's Autonomous Capital City (June 2010)!
5) BRAZIL - South America - The State of MATO GROSSO - Midwestern Region!
6) BRAZIL - South America - The State of MATO GROSSO DO SUL - Midwestern Region!
7) BRAZIL - South America - The State of MINAS GERAIS - Southeastern Region!
8) BRAZIL - South America - The State of RIO DE JANEIRO - Southeastern Region!
9) BRAZIL - South America - The State of SÃO PAULO - Southeastern Region! A second gallery HERE and a third one HERE!
10) BRAZIL - South America - CAMPINAS - The city where I live - State of São Paulo - Southeastern Region!
11) BRAZIL - South America - SÃO PAULO - The Capital City of the State of SÃO PAULO and the largest city in Brazil - Southeastern Region!
12) BRAZIL - South America - BRASÍLIA / DF - My Country's Capital City - Federal District - Midwestern Region (January 2008 & September 2011)!
13) BRAZIL - South America - IGUAÇU FALLS - In the City of FOZ DO IGUAÇU - State of PARANÁ - Southern Region (March 2008)!
14) BRAZIL - South America - SALVADOR - The Capital City of the State of BAHIA - My Country's First Capital City - Northeastern Region (November 2008)!
15) BRAZIL - South America - JOÃO PESSOA - The Capital City of the State of PARAÍBA - Northeastern Region (February 2009)!
16) BRAZIL - South America - CHAPADA DIAMANTINA (Diamond Mountain Range) - National Park and surroundings - State of BAHIA - Northeastern Region (August 2009)!
17) BRAZIL - South America - CURITIBA - The Capital City of the State of PARANÁ - Southern Region (May 2010)!
18) BRAZIL - South America - ARACAJU - The Capital City of the State of SERGIPE - Northeastern Region (December 2010)!
19) BRAZIL - South America - VITÓRIA - The Capital City of the State of ESPÍRITO SANTO - Southeastern Region (August 2011)!
20) BRAZIL - South America - CHAPADA DOS VEADEIROS (Deer Hunters Mountain Range) - National Park and surroundings - State of GOIÁS - Midwestern Region (September 2011)!
21) BRAZIL - South America - The town of PIRENÓPOLIS and surroundings - State of GOIÁS - Midwestern Region (September 2011)!
22) BRAZIL - South America - SERRA DA CANASTRA (Trunk Mountain Range) - National Park and surroundings - State of MINAS GERAIS - Southeastern Region (June 2012)!
23) BRAZIL - South America - ILHA BELA (Beautiful Island) - State of SÃO PAULO - Southeastern Region (June 2012 & December 2014)!
24) BRAZIL - South America - The town of SÃO BENTO DO SAPUCAÍ and surroundings - State of SÃO PAULO - Southeastern Region (June 2014)!
25) BRAZIL - South America - PORTO ALEGRE - The Capital City of the State of RIO GRANDE DO SUL - Southern Region (January 2015)!
26) BRAZIL - South America - GOIÂNIA - The Capital City of the State of GOIÁS - Midwestern Region (February 2015)!
27) CANADA - North America - The Provinces of ONTARIO, QUÉBEC, ALBERTA and BRITISH COLUMBIA (January 2010)! A second gallery HERE!
28) DENMARK - Scandinavia - Europe - COPENHAGEN (July 2014)!
29) EUROPE - PORTUGAL & SPAIN (2004) - SWITZERLAND & FRANCE (2005) - Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P92!
30) NORWAY - Scandinavia - Europe - My trip to the land of the Midnight Sun & Fjords (June & July 2014)!
31) PERU - South America - My Trip to the most mystical Country in the Americas - Departments of LIMA, CUSCO, PUNO and AREQUIPA (September 2007)! A second gallery HERE!
32) SCANDINAVIA - Europe - NORWAY, SWEDEN (Stockholm) and DENMARK (Copenhagen) (June & July 2014)!
33) SOUTH AMERICA - CHILE (September 2005) & ARGENTINA (August 2006) - Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P92!
35) SWEDEN - Scandinavia - Europe - STOCKHOLM (July 2014)!
36) SWITZERLAND - Europe - ZERMATT, GENÈVE & MONTREUX - Cantons of Genève, Vaud & Valais (April 2015)!
37) URUGUAY - South America - MONTEVIDEO - Uruguay's Capital City (November 2014)!
38) U.S.A. - North America - NEW YORK CITY - New York (September 2010)!
39) U.S.A. - North America - SAN FRANCISCO & LAKE TAHOE - California & Nevada (February 2011)! A second gallery HERE!
40) U.S.A. - North America - FLORIDA - Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Everglades, Key West, Naples and Tampa (December 2011 & January 2012)!
41) U.S.A. - North America - LAS VEGAS - Nevada (April 2012)!
42) U.S.A. - North America - DEATH VALLEY - California (April 2012)!
43) U.S.A. - North America - GRAND CANYON - Arizona (April 2012)!
44) U.S.A. - North America - BRYCE & ZION CANYONS - Utah (April 2012)!
45) U.S.A. - North America - CHICAGO - THE WINDY CITY - Illinois (April 2012)!
46) U.S.A. - North America - NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (June & July 2013)!

Feel free to visit them all and to make any comments about all the pictures you'll find there.

Next, all the Countries I have visited so far (Digital pictures taken are marked with an "X"):

1) Argentina 1982/2002/2006/2008/2010/2014/2015 (X);
2) Brazil - my homeland;
3) Canada 2010 (X);
3) Chile 2005/2014 (X);
4) Denmark 2014 (X);
5) England 2000;
6) France 2000/2005/2015 (X);
7) Germany 2015 (X);
8) Italy 1999/2000;
9) Norway 2014 (X)
10) Paraguay 1982/2008 (X);
11) Peru 2007 (X);
12) Portugal 2004 (X);
13) Spain 2004 (X);
14) Sweden 2014 (X);
15) Switzerland 2005/2015 (X);
16) Uruguay 2002/2014 (X);
17) U.S.A. 1982/1983/1997/2010/2011/2012/2013 (X).
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