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Andrew McRaeName: Andrew McRae [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact macondo.]
Country: Australia
Intro: Intro, Mk III.

October 15, 2009: In a few days I will have been a member for 4 years. Maybe it's time to reflect? Maybe not. Anyway, one thing is sure: life would not have been quite the same without TE. I think of the interminable hours I have spent hunched over the keyboard gazing at the screen and the thousands of photos from around the world which drift past ceaselessly in the gallery; I think of the effect it has had on my back, neck, eyes, sleep, eating habits, conversation skills, and the disbelieving presence in the other room!

I also think of the friends I've made online and off.

And I look back over my photos from the early days and wonder if I'd even consider uploading most of them now! I think my photographic skills have probably benefited from being on TE, but the process seems to have been one of osmosis as I absorbed my lessons, if there have been any, without even being aware of it.

To quote myself from a forum entry I made recently, I think TE is many things to many people. Whatever the controversies that have waylaid the members as TE has changed, they still have something in this site that makes it different from all other photographic sites on the Internet. Somehow it combines well the travel, socialising, and photographic elements. Some of the changes have been a little disappointing, but I still think that it rewards you if you put something into it.

I've always loved photography, and haven't been without an SLR or DSLR camera since my early twenties. I've got thousands of old slides that need to be sorted out for scanning, and lots of albums too. But these days I don't see the need for printing when you can hand someone your laptop or just direct them to your photos on the Internet. But the old slides and prints can stay where they are, as they represent the most powerful and poignant aspect of photography: nostalgia.

Thanks to all the friends who keep coming back to have a look at my photos; their own photos have given me so many ideas. And I always gain pleasure from being the first person to write a critique on a new member's first upload. And special thanks to daddo (Klaudio Dadich), my good friend and former colleague, who introduced me to TE, and with whom I have spent countless hours over strong coffee or sushi rolls or baklava discussing some of the great wonders and irritations of TE, laughing and cursing equally.

My other friends in Melbourne: Santo, Kamran, Steve, Alfred (the part-timer from Malaysia!); and Sydney: Lisa and Peter.

I also display my photos on SmugMug.

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