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izzet keribarName: izzet keribar [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact keribar.]
Country: Turkey
Intro: I started photography in the mid 50's, first
great experience in Korea after the war, restarted seriously after 1980. After countless slide shows and personal exhibitions and some flashy international prizes since, I decided to go fully professional in 1998. I love
to travel, and to take pictures, I did not lose
the joy of photography after becoming pro. I lecture students, organize workshops since 10 years, and keep an office with a very
large photo bank.
Now after two months with TE, I realize once more that we all have a lot to learn from others
techniques, framings, compositions, use of light,
imagination and creativity. I appreciate comments, and also try to give a few useful thoughts in critiques.
Cheers to all ! - Izzet Keribar

Update on July 7.

I want to express my sorrow to all my English friends, and also my condolences to the English Nation after todays bombings.

Back from my last trip to Anatolia: As soos as I sort my pictures I will post some, and also look at pictures of other members: I am a bit ashamed I could not manage to do it properly during the last weeks. Time was the main problem but internet is not found everywhere either. Izzet Keribar July 18 2005
Almost 9 months now with TE. It looks as if I have learned the names of most members who send their pictures regularly and of course who write critiques regularly. I may not be as keen as they are, and I apologize about it. It is not the will, it's a question of planning the time because 24 hour days are very short for my activities ans frequent travels. Sometimes I get up earlier in order to look at the pictures of my fellow TE members. I have learned their names and I am sure that I will meet some of them shortly, and then I'll have a feeling that I meet old pals.

Today is January 8, 2006 - I am leaving now for Bangkok and Angkor Wat. Not sure to be able to post pictures from the Internet because I would have no time. Hope to get nice things and show some to my TE friends after my return: Bye Bye for the moment being.

Today is April 2 2006. I am about to leave for an 8 day trip to Marrakesh and South Morocco. I am not sure whether I'll be able to contact TE in the meanwhile. But the internet is available almost everywhere nowadays. So you may hear from me during the week: We'll see ! Otherwise on
April 10. Cheers to all ! Izzet Keribar

September 7,2006 The big day has almost come: Leaving for China this Saturday: Two weeks is perhaps short I know, but this is all I am able to afford in time. Beijing,Xian, Guilin, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai are on the agenda. During the trip
I may post some pictures to TE, depending on the available internet facilities . We'll see !
Two digital cameras. and 4 lenses, a flash and a tripod plus 60 GB memory. This is my equipment profile for China.

Best thoughts to TE members .


Leaving for a short trip to Barcelona today. Will be back home on November 7. Best thoughts to TE Members - Izzet
Preparing a 8 day trip to the USA, departure on March 28, New York and Washington DC. This time I intend to go light and carry just one lens, the 18-200mm with the D200 camera. Will be back on April 5.
But things do not go as expected and due to a family problem I am getting back to Istanbul on April 2.
Preparing to go to the Czech Republic for a week. Mainly Prague, but also an excursion in Moravia, covering Cesky Krumlov and Telc. I may not be around from April 22 until April 29th.

Hi everybody,
I'll be out of Istanbul from May 16, in Izmir for an assignment. But I will also take mostly evening and night pictures from Izmir, and will show them to TE as soon a soon as possible..
In the meanwhile I must confess that today is an important day for me, because I have reached 25.000 points, which I could never dream of when I started, it was the privilege of some excellent photographers I had discovered and now that I have reached it I feel really happy about it.
Friendly thoughts to all TE fellows..
Planning a 10 day trip to Eastern Anatolia covering Erzurum, Kars, Ani Ruins, Savsat, Macahel, Uzungol, Sumela and Trabzon: Getting back July 9. I wish an excellent summer to all TE photographers ( June 26.2007 )
All this is history by now: Leaving againg on July 22 for a few days in Scotland and Ireland.
July 17,2007-

Yesterday, the 16th of January 2008, I posted my 1000th picture on TE, after nearly three years of being a member. Like most other photographers I have made many new friends thanks to this site, and I was able to know some of them personally, and not only among Turkish Photographers. Some can be counted now among my best friends. For me this is the best part of photography, because sharing is probably one of the greatest joys.
I would also like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who spent so much of their valuable time to express their sympathy about my work, and tell me that I inspired them.
Yesterday was one of such days.
And hugs for Adam Silverman who initiated this
site which has become part of our daily life.
Ww are now in April 2008. I am preparing a 6 day trip to Paris together with Eran, my grand son.
He is 14 and I will try to show him the beauties of this great city, hoping that he will never forget this adventure with his grand father.
Hopefully I will also take some pictures and bring them to TE when the time comes.

We are now at the end of October 2008, almost 4 years in TE( I started to post ,in January 2005 )
Well, like many other photographers I start thinking that everything has its time, and particularly because I don't have the time to look, evaluate and write critiques as I should, I am slowing down for a while. This does not mean that I will cut off my close relationship with TE and so many members with whom we became so friendly: But I will not be as keen to send daily pictures and look around other sites. As Norbert Woehnl had wrote about himself some time ago, I 'll stay as an occasional participant.
Heartiest thanks to all who looked and appreciated my work and my explanations.
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