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JWM HendrikxName: JWM Hendrikx
Country: Netherlands
Intro: I'm now for more than seven years a member of TE. In all my pictures, taken at home, in my neighbourhood or abroad, I come along all the beauty of nature and what man has made, that you can see if you want to see.

I'm proud to be in a community that has so many members who also see all the beauty around them and depict it in their photographs here!

"Beauty is in front of and behind you; it is above and under your feet too". I once read it on a wall in Vietnam.
So with my camera I too, try to discover the world, focussing on nature, landscapes and (modern) architecture and try to learn of the comments made by my fellow members here on TE.

I hope you like my view on the world. Please make your comments or critiques!

I have a Flickr account: janneman2007

I hereby declare that the copyright of all my photos on TE belongs solemny to me, granting TE the only right to show them on the TE-website.

J. Hendrikx, 2012-04-25
Member Since: 2005-01-30
Camera: Canon EOS 300D, Canon 600D, Canon EOS 500, canon EOS350D, HTC Desire HD
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janneman Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 414 W: 0 N: 234] (3613)
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