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Name: Francesco Politi [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact fpoliti.]
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: None
Member Since: 2013-12-30
Camera: Contax 139 quartz, Mamiya RB67 Pro SD, Nikon Coolpix 5400, Nikon D7000, Nikon D800E, Nikon F5, Nikon F90x, Nikon FM
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Title: Tuscan countryside near Orciano PisanoNikon F90x
Tuscan countryside near Orciano Pisano (6)
fpoliti (14)
Title: Promenade along the walls of LuccaNikon F90x
Promenade along the walls of Lucca (4)
fpoliti (14)
United Kingdom
Title: The Chilterns near TurvilleNikon D7000
The Chilterns near Turville (2)
fpoliti (14)
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