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Bertrand DEVIMEUXName: Bertrand DEVIMEUX [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact devimeuxbe.]
Country: France
Intro: Hello
I am 48 years old and i live in France in Grenoble.
I work as a doctor in France and differents parts of the world for a NGO.

Memory is fallible and partial. In order to keep the memory of the experience, we must write and photograph.
Photography started for me as the testimony of my life. Later, the eyes became sharpened and sharpened. Like a microscope, we seek the detail, we refine the framing. In the vision, the brain cut a frame which corresponds to a field of focal distance. Reality is not only reproduced, it is also built, organized and staged.
Testimony becomes a more personal and artistic expression.
For me, photography is also a media to idealize the life, each life; to stage common places, common people, common gestures; to homage to those we meet.

Photograph has a sense if it produces an emotion to whom makes it as to whom sees it.


I work for these 2 NGO :
Aide Médicale et Développement

Photo link :
Photo link : Galery flickr

** Where i was, where i am, where i go **

October 2005 : Tanzania, Zanzibar
November 2005: Cambodia
February 2006 : India
March 2006 : Cambodia
June/july 2006: Sri Lanka, Cambodia
October 2006 : Senegal, Mauritania
November/december 2006 : Thailand, Myanmar
January/febuary 2007 : Singapore, Cambodia
April/mai 2007 : Cambodia
June 2007 : Belgium, Cambodia
August 2007 : Switzerland
September 2007 : Cambodia
October 2007 : Ireland
November/december 2007 : Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia
February 2008 : Italy, Austria
March 2008 : Cambodia, Thailand
April 2008 : Bangladesh
Mai 2008 : Tanzania, Zanzibar, Lille (France !)
June 2008 : Tunisia, Hungary
September 2008 : Cambodia
November 2008 : Switzerland, Madagascar
January 2009 : Tanzania
March 2009 : Cambodia
May 2009 : Armenia
June 2009 : Tanzania, Zanzibar
September 2009 : Armenia
October 2009 : Romania, Switzerland
November 2009 : Senegal
December 2009 : Tanzania
January 2010 : Mali
March 2010 : Cambodia
Mai 2010 : switzerland
June 2010 : Tanzania, Zanzibar
September 2010 : Portugal, Paris, Corsica
February 2011 : Tanzania, Zanzibar
June 2011 : Thailand, Indonesia
August 2011 : Armenia
September 2011 : Cambodia, Thailand
November 2011 : Madagascar
Fébruary 2012 : Philippines
Mai 2012 : China, Thailand
June 2012 : Madagascar
September 2012 : Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia
October 2012 : Armenia
November 2012 : Senegal
January 2013 : Thailand, Laos
March 2013 : Comoro ?

The TE members i already met (I)
The TE members i already met (II)
Member Since: 2005-02-24
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