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Kev RyanName: Kev Ryan [Only registered TrekEarth members may contact KevRyan.]
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I am the director of a community arts and media charity called Charnwood Arts which is based in the East Midlands region of the UK. We mainly work in the region we are based in but also work internationally. Over the years we have had connections with over 70 different countries worldwide. We run a small photographic gallery in Loughborough Town Hall, the major performance venue for the area, called Pixel and Grain. We also organise photographic competitions and use photography as a key means of documenting our work and the area in which we are based.

My interest in photography began in the late 1970's, before that my passion was for painting. Over the years my work has involved me in almost any art form you can think of, I am a published poet, have been a film maker, a community dance worker, acted, played in a samba band, wrote for newspapers and magazines, published books, set up community darkrooms and since the early 1980's have run scores of community photography projects.

My own passion for photography as an art form took hold of me in the early 1980's - mainly slide work exploring colour, form, texture and urban landscapes....and black and white print work more focused on street photography, portraiture and documentary work.

As more and more children arrived ( I have four) time spent in the darkroom succumbed to the delights of spending time with them and all of my photography related activities became focused on paid work - usually encouraging and helping others develop their photographic skills and ideas from a basic level. My personal creative interests other than my work - it's pretty interesting and demanding in its own right - didn't really surface again until after 2000.

The first 'obsession' was haiku and other short form Japanese poetry - a great complement to an interest in photography as it raises one's visual awareness and sensitivity to the world around you. Photography grew out of this again as I engaged with Photo-haiga - and Ren games on line - where connections between text and images were explored with other artists around the world. At some point - and perhaps helped by the discovery of TrekEarth and its superlative level of connectivity between people, photography became a key focus again. Some of my haiku colleagues still use my photography as the basis for publishing linked works on-line but my writing has taken a back seat these days.

My main interests in photography are related to performance photography, for work and my own interest, street photography, 'portraits' of places, portraiture (which I don't do enough of), constructed photographs (which I hardly ever get to do) and desire is to tell more stories through photography!

Photography is and has been very much a part of my professional work for a very long time and I have been published in many books, magazines, newspapers and websites and produced work for all sorts of promotional uses....but it is only a part of my job, despite being a consuming (at times), personal interest. More of my work can be found at PBase
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