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fmlavita (16) [2011-11-03 12:52]

I like very much the colours and the mood...

fmlavita (16) [2011-11-03 12:50]

Very nice composition with great colour harmony!!!

fmlavita (16) [2011-10-31 10:47]

Nice idea to turn your back to Mona Lisa and reverse the theme by capturing the people!!!!! Its very interesting the fact that a great piece of art can magnetise millions of people, standing still gazing at it.

fmlavita (16) [2010-08-17 3:48] [comment]

Great shot, powerfull, taken on the right moment....
I would definetely love to meet a Tropical Storm - I am sure is a strange experience but it has for sure what I am looking for!!!!!

fmlavita (16) [2009-06-03 10:00] [comment] [+]

I like the boats reflecting into the calm sea water and the peaceful which is reflecting all over the photo...
çok güzel!!!

fmlavita (16) [2009-06-02 14:13]

I am allready lost in the nargilah smoke....
Was an unforgetable experience for me, so I really have the feeling, the atmosfere and the relaxing mood... Everything of those, are reflected here in this excellent photo....
....çok güzel, aferin!!!
Frosso, Giritli..

fmlavita (16) [2009-06-02 13:58] [comment]

The timming for this shooting is the best!!! I really loved those two boats.. the yellow one has a wonderful name I still remember... Yavrum!!!!
When I see this image I can almost hear also the prayer, I can smell the Vosporous Breeze....
Thanks for sharing, Hercules!!!

fmlavita (16) [2009-05-30 5:30]

David, I really cant take my eyes off his eyes!!!! So cute and childish but also so much human glance in the same time!!!! I also admire the colour of his eyes which are in nice harmony with the cage s iron bars.... The adult s head in the corner, gives an interesting chance to compare his ~actual size~ !!!!!

fmlavita (16) [2009-05-29 23:50]

Tebrikler Hayati Bey!!!!

fmlavita (16) [2009-05-29 15:13] [comment]

Let me stay speachless and just watch this beauty.....